Good Food for All

Whilst we may take a wide variety of food options for granted, many people are not so lucky. Diet related health problems are already costing the NHS around £6 billion a year. For the Soil Association, good food, the best food, is organically grown, minimally processed, fairly traded, fresh and seasonal. This is not always a popular message in a society addicted to highly processed food. But as we have demonstrated through the Food for Life Partnership in schools, it is possible to transform food culture.

We cannot afford to ignore the longer-term health challenges of a poorly-fed population. With your help we can campaign to improve life and health chances for all - especially the most vulnerable in our communities.

Good food is a right, not a privilege. If you can support our Good Food for All work with a donation of any size please, please do.

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School at a farm £15 sends a primary school child on their first ever farm visit
School children on a farm £40 provides a day's training for an individual on setting up their own community farm scheme
School children on a farm£450 sends a whole school class on a farm visit to learn where their food comes from
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